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the guide

welcome to ailouros! please be sure to thoroughly read all posts within this board. thank you!

6 7 Dec 6 2017, 09:28 PM
In: 03 the clans
By: elune
the help desk
do you have any questions, or constructive suggestions for the ailo staff? post them here!>

5 7 Nov 7 2017, 12:43 AM
In: request a staff
By: elune
all site updates and events can be found here. please make sure you check often!

8 33 Jan 6 2018, 05:42 AM
In: Current Events on Ailo
By: solstice
all dead or completed threads can be found here. please contact an admin to retrieve an archived thread.

ic threads
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119 161 Dec 26 2017, 03:36 PM
In: top academic essay editing ...
By: Brantjed

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create your character here, using the template provided. all applications not completed within a week will be moved to pending.

18 14 Dec 10 2017, 10:23 PM
In: Ripple of Bubbling Stream
By: ripple
all accepted characters can be found here, in their respective sub-forum.

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62 57 Nov 9 2017, 09:53 PM
In: Shimmerkit the Shiny
By: solstice
enclosed is all manners of plotting and tracking your characters. please keep things neat and orderly, with one thread per player in each sub-forum.

Subforums: trackers, wanted

22 70 Nov 7 2017, 11:51 PM
In: lost without you
By: danni
references into the world of ailouros, such as clan allegiances, season, and prey.

6 5 Nov 16 2017, 04:02 PM
By: shad

Collapse   oakclan
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deep within their territory lies the oakclan camp. a great oak, surrounded by thick briers and ferns, stands guard over them as they make their dens in the hollows of its great roots.
the leader calls the clan to meetings from the large roots that shelter the spring.

1 5 Dec 7 2017, 09:49 PM
In: Crawling Beneath Your Paws ...
By: shiverkit
thick oak trees stretch as far as the sky, with scraggly underbrush struggling to live beneath them. the forest is alive with plentiful prey, from softly singing songbirds to the hollow-digging rodents.

Subforums: the ridge, hollow log, the owl tree, sand pit, sticky burr burrows, the forest

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In: ----

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located within a deep, abandoned quarry, hollowclan makes their camp on the lower level of the crags. hollowed out caves, from which they take their name, serve as dens. the leader calls the clan to order from the rocky crag extending over the their den. in the southernmost part of the camp lies a small pond.

8 28 Dec 14 2017, 06:51 PM
In: It's What Friends Do [B...
By: webpaw
a rocky quarry filled with deep pits and dark caves make the majority of the hollowclan territory. small tufts of weeds and other hardy plants can be found growing out of the rocks.
this territory is especially dangerous for strangers - watch your step!

Subforums: the grove, the beast lair, the mine, acorn falls, the quarries

9 34 Nov 17 2017, 10:25 AM
By: webpaw

Collapse   fleetclan
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just a half-mile off the thunderpath lies the fleetclan camp. an old barn and stable combination, in dire need of repair, houses the clan and keeps them safe from roaming dogs. the old troughs provide ample water during the rainy season. the leader calls the clan to order from their den, high in the loft.

11 33 Nov 18 2017, 10:28 AM
In: close encounters [ hallowee...
By: wraith
half moorland, half rich, overgrown grain field, the fleetclan territory looks quite soothing and calm - if you discount the close proximity of the thunderpath, and across from that the twoleg place. look out for dogs!

Subforums: the warrens, pebble pool, wheat field, honey meadow

6 14 Dec 7 2017, 09:17 PM
In: Survival Skills (Hyacinthpaw)
By: rookstar

Collapse   marshclan
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arguably the driest island in the marshlands these cats call home, the marshclan camp is less secured than the others by traditional means. they make their dens in a circle of hollowed out logs, their only defense the waters that surround them, and the dangers that lurk beneath. the leader calls the clan to order from atop his log.

1 3 Oct 18 2017, 03:17 PM
In: stars shining bright above ...
By: shad
wet, dank, and muddy, the marshclan territory is covered in varying levels of water and dotted with small, moss covered islands. mysterious creatures lurk beneath the murky water, and tall trees and tangled vines arch across the silent waves.

Subforums: the deeplands, sinking stretch, tangled roots, the murk, sun stones

5 15 Nov 12 2017, 10:07 AM
In: danger on the horizon [ hal...
By: ivybloom

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oak + hollow
within the thin copse of woodland, where the trees begin to thicken, lies the border between oakclan and hollowclan.

2 6 Dec 15 2017, 02:37 AM
In: your blood like winter
By: hailstorm
marsh + oak
the jagged bluffs that separate marshclan from oakclan. beware of falling rocks, and watch your step.

1 7 Oct 25 2017, 04:45 PM
In: screaming out loud [ open ]
By: splashstar
fleet + marsh
a small stream marks the border between these two clans.

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In: ----
hollow + fleet
an old, rusty fence that marks the beginning of the quarry, and hollowclan's territory.

1 9 Oct 21 2017, 01:49 PM
In: Off to See the Monsters!
By: brightpaw
county road 94
a high traffic thunderpath that separates fleetclan territory from the clanless. the large wheat field resides on the far side of the road. it serves as clan territory and a populous hunting ground but sometimes borders can be ignored in favor of an easy meal. on the opposite side dwells the farmer's house. there are pastures of horses, cows, and sheep. dogs and barn cats live here but it is not uncommon for them to wander, sometimes finding themselves in clan territory. there is also a drainage pipe and it's much safer to cross than traveling along the road.

1 6 Sep 19 2017, 01:17 AM
By: mousetoes
flat two-leg nest
many, many moons ago a man named Gunther built a home on the outskirts of what is now marshclan territory. however, after dealing with failed crops and flooding, the man gave up. the house has since crumbled. moss and fauna have taken over but there are still some two-leg remains, one of which is an old wood stove. it serves as the border between marshclan and the clanless.

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moss gorge
oakclan's territory is thick with vegetation and sturdy oaks. if one travels north-east, past the secret garden, the landscape becomes rocky. a deep, jagged gorge rests within as if starclan had taken a large paw and carved the land below. moss and other flora grow along the cliffs. perhaps some of them hold medicinal value but the clan cats may never know. it is a treacherous area and rockslides are known to occur. it serves as the border between oakclan and the clanless.

1 0 Oct 30 2017, 09:21 PM
In: pray the light may guide yo...
By: nightfrost
the claws and teeth of owlstar
once upon a time there was an ambitious she-cat who managed to climb her way up the ranks. she became owlstar and was given nine lives, fooling starclan. the story says that her heart had become stone and she held no empathy. her silver-tongue got her far in life and before her clan knew it, they were under her spell. mixed blood cats were slayed, with her clan purged, she moved onto the other remaining clans. terror ensued but starclan intervened before the territory could be swallowed in blood.

a great battle occurred and it is said that starclan ripped out owlstar's claws and teeth before casting them aside. it is unknown as to what happened next but the terrain is marked with large rocks that resemble fangs and curved stones that look like claws. this space marks the border between hollowclan and the clanless.

1 6 Oct 4 2017, 12:12 AM
In: the world we knew [ open ]
By: flutterstep

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past the tall trees of oakclan's territory rests a rocky crag. a jagged path cuts through the rocks, until it opens into a large, dark cavern. a deep cuts through the cave floor, too far for the eye to see. a waterfall crashes down from somewhere above, filling the cave with a wondrous mist. it is here that medicine cats and leaders come to sleep, and listen to the voices of starclan among the crashing waters.

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sky cave
underground tunnels at the edge of each territory lead to this - the sky cave. it is unknown where the sky cave's actual location is, as the underground cavern opens into a topless cave. moonlight streams down upon a cluster of boulders, where the leaders address the clans every moon.

2 13 Nov 8 2017, 12:32 AM
In: Where She Go?
By: cloudjumper

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the park
a small nature park where two-legs often picnic during greenleaf. there is a small jungle gym and a set of swings that rest near a collection of picnic tables. two-leg kits are often found playing on them. geese and ducks float peacefully on the nearby lake, and a grove of pine trees make for excellent shade. there is a small, gravel path that winds through the park and dogs are common (thankfully, they're leashed, most of the time).

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boulder ridge
boulder ridge is a large development located on the outskirts of town. the two-legs that reside here are rich and possess beautiful, spacious lawns and gardens. it is a quiet neighborhood and it's common to see two-legs walking their dogs and children playing at a nearby baseball field. many kittypets live here as well and most know one another.

2 3 Nov 4 2017, 03:38 AM
In: Brothers by Blood (Elune, o...
By: rookstar
abandoned factory
the factory used to employ many citizens but the economy flat lined and many two-legs lost their jobs. the factory filed bankruptcy and since then it has been long abandoned. the odd machinery found inside is rusted and falling apart. the doors have been secured by large, iron chains and the windows have been boarded up but sometimes people manage to sneak in. rats are commonly found within.
street cats like to make their homes here and sometimes it serves as a temporary base. enter at your own risk.

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city landfill
located on the far side of the town. it is full of two-leg garbage and has a very strong, unpleasant odor. bright yellow machines usually rest within but sometimes they come alive as they compact the garbage. birds and rodents are common here. sometimes cats like to poke around for scraps, if they're desperate enough, while others have treasure on their minds.

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the marina
the marina is often a populous place. it sits off the ocean and numerous boats and yachts can be found here. sometimes cats like to nap in the strange creatures, finding the lull of the sea to be relaxing, but it is not without its dangers. if one waits too long, a cat may find themselves out at sea.

the fish market is another hot commodity. it opens in the wee hours of the morning and there are rows and rows of glass eyed fish. daring cats may choose this time to strike but the vendors are well aware of their feline friends. it is risky to steal fish from them but the payoff usually outweighs the risk.

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moonstone beach
while there are multiple beaches within the town, moonstone beach tends to be a local favorite. the shore is thick with warm, white sand. shells and other trinkets can be found if one is patient enough. large rock formations are found along the shallows. they are slick with seaweed but it is not impossible to climb. the relatively flat peak gives off a spectacular view. the ocean spans for miles and there is a small island littered with tall pine trees. crustaceans and other sea animals are found here and while they can be challenging to hunt, they provide a hardy meal.

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sweetwater farm
nestled near county road 94 and past fleetclan's eastern border is where sweetwater farm rests. it is a large operation run by a family of two-legs. pastures and crops stretch for miles. silos, barns, and machine sheds dot the landscape. it is home to many different animals but most stay within the farm's borders. however, adventurous dogs and barn cats like to stretch their legs from time to time. foxes and coyotes are the biggest culprits around these parts.

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the secret garden
Green-leaf is in full swing and prey is bountiful but the lack of rain has taken its toll on some of the foliage. herbs, necessary for the clans, have begun to wilt. tallflower, oakclan's medicine cat, has noticed and while out scavenging for feverfew she came across hollowclan's medicine cat. it is there where she proposed that they start a community garden. sunflowerfang, a warrior at heart, initially opposed the idea. however, the pair have come to an agreement and have started an herb garden all their own. it lays north of their territories and well into neutral lands. their experiment is near a large pond. for now, it is a secret the pair of cats share, but what happens when someone finds out?

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thunder bluffs
across the moss gorge lies the thunder bluffs, named so for the sheer height of the barren crags. from late leaf-fall to early leaf-bare, this treacherous area becomes nearly impassable, due to the ravaging snowstorms and avalanches. there is a brief respite between the cold and rainy seasons, where passage is safest. once the storms of newleaf come, rock slides are a common occurrence, and best waited out in one of the many caves.

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white water rush
in the lands beyond the flat two leg nest (marshclan), the earth once again hardens into dusty, barren soil. the water is restricted, first to small streams, then to a large, rushing river that seems to swell each year. this area is best reserved for greenleaf, when the dry heat takes its toll on land and cats alike. small trees and shrubs dot the landscape, prividing rabbits and birds, while the river is full of fish. just be careful: if you fall in, you may not get out.

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In: The Edge of Dawn - a Warrio...
By: Citrus

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